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The International Interfaith Conference, Islamabad, invites the people of the world especially the youth to seek and imbibe religious teachings, and practice them in their life according to one's own religious leanings. We feel it is necessary to stress that practicing justice, peace, tolerance and upholding the sanctity of human life are the most pressing challenges the world faces today. And, that the promotion of religious teachings is the only way to make our world a bastion of peace.

We would like our youth, as their high mission, seek education, imbibe pristine moral traits and render service to mankind. Also, we invite them to utilize their boundless potential in the service of their country and in making the world a better place for all.

We most strongly condemn terrorism; bloody strife, suicide attacks and all other forms of anti-mankind machinations that manifest around us. We deem it to be acutely perilous for the well-being of world.  Likewise, religious acrimony that damages innocent lives, shreds their peace and security, and negates their basic rights is a blotch on the sanctity of human life. No religion teaches or condones such behavior and we earnestly appeal to the youth to shun violence and also discourage these negative tendencies among their peers who wrongly instigate murder of mankind in the name of religion.

From this platform, we vehemently condemn all terrorists groups that spread terrorist activities. we strongly condemn those groups in countries that promote racism and lingual prejudice and appeal to nations of the world especially those in power and the United Nations to resolve current and emerging issues through sagacity and justice. This would ensure a peaceful world for all. The use of coercion and violence to strip people of their basic rights clearly leads to a feeling of deprivation and inadequacy. The youth as their only recourse to get back  seeks out and strengthen the hands of errant purveyors of mayhem in societies in the world.

Today, the scholars, religious notables and eminent leaders representing seven major religions of the world pledge to join hands to spread the message of justice, peace, tolerance and upholding the sanctity of human life in countries of world. We also affirm to promote education and sound ethics, to help ensure religious freedom and rights of minorities in our societies; and according to our religions, to encourage youth strive for a significant role in the well-being,  progress and prosperity of mankind.

We seek a world where all people enjoy respect, peace, harmony and lead contented lives.

We seek God's guidance and HIS support. Amen. 

Bismillah ar Rahman ar Raheem

1. UNITE held an International Interfaith Conference at Islamabad  and extends a heartfelt gratitude to participants and delegates from inside the country and from abroad, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Prime Minister, the President, the Pakistani Government, especially the Federal Ministry for Religious Affairs, and all administrators of the Conference. UNITE sincerely thanks the great effort at supporting and attending the Conference in which people of different faiths, religious leaders and scholars from 26 countries, other major organizations from global interfaith Diaspora, and also by representatives of different religions in Pakistan.

2. All the delegates suggest that such a series of conferences, seminars and academic congresses should continue and following steps be taken in this regard:

a) Periodically hold seminars on Interfaith's different and specific aspects by involving and highlighting the role and services of youth in promoting it.

b) Various seminars, other talks will be held to promote a sense of awareness on the role of media and also its responsibilities for the promotion of interfaith dialogue, and importance of interfaith harmony.

c) All across Pakistan, institute committees composed of people from different religions to promote an atmosphere of co-existence and respect between the religions and their followers; and initiate  programs in smaller places at grassroots level,  and play a strong role for an efficient and conducive environment to survive.

3. UNITE shall train through its programs people suffering from natural disasters in different locations in Pakistan without any distinction of religion. Qatar Charity has offered to work in collaboration with UNITE to help victims of the earthquake in Swat and Shangla areas.

4. UNITE calls for stricter oversight of the social media where some followers of religions spread hate materials through WhatsApp and Facebook and their divisive replies, and also similar materials through Twitter. UNITE will seek out and network with various organizations to answer any queries by responding with efficient materials in a conscious and organized manner.
5. The Conference suggests that the rights of minorities are fully implemented in practice as provided under the Constitutions of all countries and they should not have any problems in this regard.
6. The Conference proposes that all countries should establish a fair administrative system in the country without any distinction of religion, color or creed.

7. Initiate dialogue between religions on coexistence, respect, education, communicational skills, to render space for humanity in general and propose such topics for research among university scholars, teachers, and youth to also discuss them, and establish space for these training programs.

8. UNITE, by holding seminars from its platform, shall contribute to efficiently resolve regional, linguistic, and religious hatred and animosity.

9.  UNITE is extremely grateful to our guest participants and observers who came here at our invitation to participate and submit their papers at the Conference. UNITE also thanks all these people who have helped this great non-profit Conference and without their cooperation it was not possible to organize it.

Copyright 2015 Unite All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2016 Unite All Rights Reserved
The conditions regarding the protection of the rights of minorities are not ideal in Pakistan.
The violence continues unabated targeting non-Muslims and their assets in many cities across the country.
This despite the fact that under Islam, the rights of minorities in Muslim societies are fully protected to ensure their complete security and harmony; and the same can be deemed ideal for any society.
In order to ensure, safeguard and promote the rights of non-Muslims as enshrined in Islam.  UNITE would undertake and strive to improve & ensure an enabling environment for non-Muslims in society. UNITE shall operate under the aegis of this federal ministry to realize its plan under the able guidance of Janab Sardar Muhammad Yousaf.
The head of UNITE is the country's young, renowned religious leader Mufti Abu Huraira Mohiuddin, who is rendering ideal guidance by preaching patience and tolerance, religious harmony while educating youth about Islam's progressive ideas in the country.
Majlis Saut ul Islam Pakistan (MSIP) was established in 1991 to reach out to young ulema with a message of pluralism; shunning racial, religious, sectarian, ethnic and regional prejudice and leanings.

It embarked on this new path to ensure global peace when few foresaw the absolute necessity for sustaining a peaceful world.
Hold a two-day International Conference in Islamabad on Interfaith Harmony that would include leading scholars and representatives from over 20 countries.

w This would send out a strong message for peace and amity, raise issues of minorities and offer workable solutions from the scholars' own experience.
Inauguration ceremony of Universal Nexus for Interfaith Trust and Engagement (UNITE) organized by Federal Ministry of Interfaith Harmony on June 16, 2015. The ceremony was attended by Minister for Interfaith Harmony Sardar Mohammad Yousuf. UNITE Chairman Mufti Abu Huraira Mohiuddin said that it was because of the few so-called religious leaders that the image of clergy class has been portrayed negatively in the society. He said they have trained 600 religious scholars on peace, interfaith harmony and tolerance. Ms. Bashir said that there was shrinking space for people from different religions and urged for mutual respect to foster harmony. She demanded from the Federal Minister that we need those religious and political leaders who own us.