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The conditions regarding the protection of the rights of minorities are not ideal in Pakistan.
The violence continues unabated targeting non-Muslims and their assets in many cities across the country.
This despite the fact that under Islam, the rights of minorities in Muslim societies are fully protected to ensure their complete security and harmony; and the same can be deemed ideal for any society.
In order to ensure, safeguard and promote the rights of non-Muslims as enshrined in Islam.  UNITE would undertake and strive to improve & ensure an enabling environment for non-Muslims in society. UNITE shall operate under the aegis of this federal ministry to realize its plan under the able guidance of Janab Sardar Muhammad Yousaf.
The head of UNITE is the country's young, renowned religious leader Mufti Abu Huraira Mohiuddin, who is rendering ideal guidance by preaching patience and tolerance, religious harmony while educating youth about Islam's progressive ideas in the country.
Majlis Saut ul Islam Pakistan (MSIP) was established in 1991 to reach out to young ulema with a message of pluralism; shunning racial, religious, sectarian, ethnic and regional prejudice and leanings.

It embarked on this new path to ensure global peace when few foresaw the absolute necessity for sustaining a peaceful world.
Hold a two-day International Conference in Islamabad on Interfaith Harmony that would include leading scholars and representatives from over 20 countries.

w This would send out a strong message for peace and amity, raise issues of minorities and offer workable solutions from the scholars' own experience.
Inauguration ceremony of Universal Nexus for Interfaith Trust and Engagement (UNITE) organized by Federal Ministry of Interfaith Harmony on June 16, 2015. The ceremony was attended by Minister for Interfaith Harmony Sardar Mohammad Yousuf. UNITE Chairman Mufti Abu Huraira Mohiuddin said that it was because of the few so-called religious leaders that the image of clergy class has been portrayed negatively in the society. He said they have trained 600 religious scholars on peace, interfaith harmony and tolerance. Ms. Bashir said that there was shrinking space for people from different religions and urged for mutual respect to foster harmony. She demanded from the Federal Minister that we need those religious and political leaders who own us.
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